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The torch ten test detect the IgM and IgG antibodies of certain diseases in

pregnant women. Infection can be transmitted to the fetus, this group of blood

tests helps to detect infection early which prevents complications in the newborns.

Ten Parameters Included In Torch 10 Profile

1.Cytomegalo virus(CMV)-IgG

2.Cytomegalo virus(CMV)-IgM

3.Herpes Simplex virus I (HSV)-IGG

4.Herpes Simplex virus I (HSV)-IGM

5.Herpes Simplex virus II (HSV)-IgG

6.Herpes Simplex virus II (HSV)-IgM

7.Rubella IgG

8.Rubella IgM

9.Toxo Gond I-IgG

10.Toxo Gond II-IgM



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