The quad marker screen is a blood test that provides useful information about a

pregnancy. It can help estimate your baby's risk of Down syndrome, Edward's syndrome

(trisomy 18), and neural tube defects. The test predicts the likelihood of a problem.Results:

Levels of all quadruple test parameters were statistically significantly increased in ART

pregnancies when compared to spontaneous pregnancies, AFP was 1.4±0.74 and 1.16±0.53,

(p=0.001), uE3 was 1.10±0.37 and 1.00±0.28, (p=0.004), hCG was 1.56±1.04 and 1.26±0.76,

(p=0.001), inhibin A was 1.38±0.76 and 1.08± 

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